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10 Ways To Use Social Media For Education

Technology is now the most integral part of our lives and its related application are also playing a significant role in our daily basis activities. We are now addicted to Facebook and Instagram and can spend a good whole hour over the social media applications without getting bore.

Roughly calculated in January 2020, there are almost 3.80 billion active social media users and 5.19 billion people with a mobile phone around the whole globe that is indeed a huge number!

Social media is the name of every such digital tool that can be used to create and spread the content quickly to the public. These social media platforms are now the biggest forums for sharing pictures. Also, the communication process around the world has also become enhanced.  

These interactive computer-designed technologies and digital tools now encompass a massive range of websites and different types of content are being shared via these platforms.

Experts believe, social media is the only tool nowadays that has a complete hold and power to make everything a lot easier. However, it has a darker side as well.

Looking at the picture from a brighter perspective, social media has enhanced and digitalized the life of a human. It has also bridged the gap between communication and transmission.

Keeping it to the sector of education, social media is providing faster access to educational websites and this is helping the teachers and students to grow and collaborate accurately.

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I have crafted a list of 10 helpful ways in which social media can be used and can be embedded with education for successful results. Let’s have a look.

Facebook page to broadcast updates and alerts:

Creating a Facebook page of the class and then updating it with alerts and announcements is the significant use of social media. Students love to scroll Facebook and it must lie in their benefit and teachers can incorporate this social platform into their classes.

Facebook group for live lectures and discussions:

Teachers are also recommended to create a Facebook group for their respective classes and can keep them private and public. From there, teachers can stream Facebook live lectures and can also post discussable question answers to enhance engagement among all classmates. Also, teachers must ensure professional behavior while using social media platforms.

Instagram for photo essays:

Online assistances providers of assignment help in London penned in their blogs for creative activities, random and candid pictures from Instagram can play a vital part in the photo essays. Students can also use the graphics, images, and series of continuous shot photos for creative writing. Instagram can also encourage the students to perform digital storytelling- isn’t this so amazing?

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Twitter as a class message board:

Twitter is an all-rounder for every sector. The hashtags of Twitter can be used as a great discussion board. Also, the students can use Twitter handles to represent their class group over social media. Teachers can also use Twitter posts to remind the dates of quizzes and assignments.

Class blog debates and discussions:

The creation of blogs for the class can also boost the interest of students. Writing blog posts can give the students another way to showcase their writing talent. They can make their personal accounts and can have a discussion group. The blog can also be a center point for quiz announcements.

Assign blog posts:

Students can also be guided to make their own blogs for essays and creative writing. The services of dissertation writing in town also highlighted that it will combine learning, fun, social media, and creativity altogether. Teachers can use blog posting for every subject. Also, they can arrange several competitions for blog maintenance.

Use Edmodo:

One of the best and most-used social media for education- Edmodo is a groundbreaking platform for both, the teachers and students. It is a social forum with a perfect blend of the post, calendar, quiz, and general communication. Students and teachers are highly recommended to get linked over Edmodo.

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Teachers can specifically connect with their students over Twitter as it is the world’s largest platform of communication and education hashtags. Teachers can use those educational hashtags that are trending and this would be a great option for debate in class.

Connect with students globally:

Social media is the biggest help for the students to connect globally with other students. They can have a reliable and safe conversation over educational topics via these platforms. Also, social media is bridging the gap between the countries and students can make life-time friends via these platforms.

Teachers can use social media for sharing purposes as well. There are several books and lectures which teachers find useful and with the help of social media, they can provide access to their students via groups and classrooms.  


Technology is transforming itself continuously and is reshaping the face of every sector. Students and teachers can use social media in the aforementioned ways and this will revolutionize the face of education in the future!

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