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3 Tips to Motivate Your High Schooler to Go to College

If your child is in the last year of high school, they’re only a year away from going away to college. If your teen does not seem interested in earning a bachelor’s degree right after school and you’re at a loss wondering how to motivate and encourage them, here are some tips to help you out.

Arm yourself with impressive information

A parent knows best and if you believe that your child has the potential to excel in college, you need to find ways to gently encourage them to start preparing for college admissions. One way to do this is to invest time researching and collecting information that will prompt your teen to at least consider your suggestions.

For instance, if your child is interested in wildlife, find out about universities that offer bachelor’s degree programs or shorter courses on wildlife photography, wildlife conservation, environmental management, and related fields. Take prints of photos showing campus life, student activities and the facilities offered by a good college.

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Find educational and professional success stories online and share them with your teen to inspire them to make the best use of their crucial years. The idea is to be well-informed yourself that you can help your child make a decision.

Explore online bachelor’s programs

Several reputable universities offer online programs for working professionals and for young students who do not want to join a conventional bachelor’s degree program. If your child is keen on learning but is not willing to commit to regular university education, you can together explore accredited online degree courses in the subjects of their interest.

Online bachelor’s programs cost much less than regular college degrees and will give your child ample time to pursue other interests. Do remember, however, that taking online classes requires tons of self-motivation, discipline and excellent time-management skills. Enroll only if your child believes they’ll be able to complete the program successfully.

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To be sure, suggest them to test waters by taking a MOOC (massive online open course) in a subject of their interest. To support your teen through the process, read up on more helpful hints and success stories of online degree courses for teenagers.

Have a heart-to-heart with your child

While it can be difficult to get teens to open up, knowing the real reasons they’re avoiding any conversation about higher education will help you support them better.

Perhaps your teen has different plans and does not want to invest the next three or four years of their life in a regular degree program? Could it be that they’re worried about bullying, fitting in or the intense project work involved in getting a degree?

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Some children simply want a break from studying after spending nearly all their life in school, and some are just demotivated for no apparent reason. By assuring your child that you want the best for them and won’t force them into anything, you might just get the breakthrough you’re looking for.

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