7 Best Distance Learning Tools For Teachers

Millions of students around the globe are attending lessons and classes virtually as this type of education allows them to learn at their own pace. Hence, making distance learning work for different types of students is a challenging task. With all the best distance learning tools available, without rightful access at home and adequate preparation and training, it is hard to replace the traditional learning experience. However, the use of the right tools and learning solutions can help you virtually teach your students effectively.

Since distance learning/teaching offers enormous opportunities for effective learning and collaboration outside the classroom, educators shouldn’t be afraid of intuitive online tools out there for online learning. Instead, they must try to embrace those tools and provide students with an excellent learning environment. To help educators, here we have grouped some best distance learning tools to help them set up an effective virtual classroom.


When it comes to getting students to accomplish all the assignments and deadlines in a timely manner, teachers usually need to keep students and parents up to speed by sending reminders. Remind is an effective messaging tool that helps teachers stay in the loop with students and parents to keep them informed about assignments and deadlines. It allows them to communicate with each other at the same time.

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Edpuzzle is a creative online lesson-planning tool that helps educators create interactive video lessons for their students to teach them effectively when they are attending online classes. Teachers can easily integrate this distance learning tool with their LMS (learning management system). The platform also comes with smart analytics to help teachers track the progress of students and keep an eye on their overall performance. However, teachers must be creative in order to get the most out of this amazing online tool.


Seesaw is one of the best and most popular virtual learning tools these days as it appeals to educators, students and parents as well. It is a powerful multimedia learning plus communication tool. It comes with a lot of multimedia learning tools that students use to indicate what they know. Then teachers are better able to go through the thinking and learning progress of students to make better teaching plans. Furthermore, parents also gain access to an interface where they can see the progress of their kids and engage with them effectively especially when they are learning online.

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This is a free learning management system for virtual classrooms and comes with a lot of possibilities to learn effectively. Schoology allows its users to create, manage, and share academic content more efficiently than ever before. It offers rich learning and collaboration features to keep students engaged and learning properly without missing out on anything important.

Common Curriculum

This is a smart lesson planner that modern teachers can use to replace bulky binders and notes when it comes to plan lessons for virtual classes. It helps teachers save a big deal of time by providing them with easy-to-use lesson planning templates. Created lesson plans can easily be shared with other educators in real-time for effective collaborations to get things better and develop an improved teaching/learning environment.

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When it comes to developing critical thinking skills in educators of the 21st century and helping them find the right topics and lessons to teach, Parlay comes into play. The parlay is a discussion-based online learning tool helping millions of teachers around the globe in finding the topics to make discussion easier and more effective. It sounds like an online library of discussion topics created by teachers worldwide. It makes distance learning easier and more well-organized.


The Spiral provides educators and teachers with the fastest way to carry out influential assessments when they are teaching students virtually. It helps them collect quick feedback and student progress toward their virtual learning goals. In this way, teachers can quickly check for student progress and understanding without falling back on the dreary pop quiz.

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