Academic Essay Writing Tips For Students

Whether it is an assignment, for a scholarship, or for an academic writing contest, writing an essay seems to be an overwhelming task among students.

Whether it is an assignment, for a scholarship, or for an academic writing contest, writing an essay seems to be an overwhelming task among students. As an academic essay should provide a solid and debatable thesis that is supported by relevant resources and evidence, following the basic essay writing rules and principles can make your essay shine.

This article contains some proven academic essay writing tips for students that can help them create valuable and persuasive essays even in a short span of time.

Go Through the Task Sheet and Assessment Criteria Carefully

Task sheet and assessment criteria shows that what exactly you need to cover in an essay to secure top marks. It outlines the criteria that your writing work will be marked in contradiction. It also helps you choose an appropriate topic to explain your ideas and thoughts in the best way. Right after completing your essay, refer back to the task sheet and make sure you have met all the requirements.

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Pick a Topic Wisely

Right after getting an overview of the details provided by the teacher or instructor, the topic selection process will be easier for you. Sit down and start a flow of thoughts and list the ideas down. Narrow the focus and pick up an interesting topic based on the type of essay that you can easily cover with your ideas. If it is hard to find a topic, you can ask your teacher or fellow students for assistance to get a topic to explain it with the relevant sources and evidence.

Create an Outline

Organizing your thoughts is a great idea to complete your essay successfully. Creating an outline is the way to organize your thoughts and ideas. Write the topic at the top of the page and draw lines to mention your ideas methodically. You can draw more lines if you need to explain your main ideas with subheadings in a detailed manner. Having a well-organized essay outline makes the essay writing process easier and effective.

Start with an Introduction

The very first paragraph of an essay is known as an introductory paragraph that specifies to your audience that what your entire essay is about. It is a good way to introduce your essay to the readers as it gives them key insights into what they expect to read further in your essay. It must be convincing and interesting to keep the audience engaged with your essay. You should keep this paragraph concise.

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Body of the Essay

It is the main part of your essay and explains your ideas and thoughts on a given topic. Each of your main ideas should be written in a separate paragraph within the body of the essay. Start each paragraph with the main ideas an introductory line and then explain it with supporting ideas in a detailed manner. Also, remember to quote every reference material (using the required style) used in the essay.

Write the Conclusion

The conclusion is the ending stage of your essay and sums up your ideas while giving your final viewpoint on the topic. It must contain three or four strong sentences reviewing your main points elaborated in the body paragraphs. In simple words, it is the place to summarize your prior arguments and to let your readers know that you are an expert in the field and are able to explain your argument related to the topic.

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Avoid Long and Boring Sentences

Sentences in the essay should be short, concise, and making sense to the reader. Long sentences are hard to read and understand. Lay the long sentences into a short and concise manner to improve readability. Stick to an easy and simple writing style to offer your readers with less stress when they are reading your essay.

Proofread and Edit your First Draft

Proofreading is the key to create an essay that inspires. Before submitting your essay, review your essay carefully, and avoid any mistakes and errors to make it easy to read and understand. Editing your essay before submitting ensures that your work is perfect and completed with care. You can also use online writing tools to check it for grammar and spelling mistakes. During the editing, be sure to add more lines in your essay if necessary.

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