Actionable Strategies for Increasing Student Engagement

Student engagement is one of the common problems that teachers face these days. Whether it be the nervous student or the whole class that can’t stop moving, educators are wondering what they can do to keep them engaged and focused on their academic goals. In this piece of writing, here are some best tips that you can implement to increase student engagement.

Tips for Increasing Student Engagement

Let take a look at a few ways that can make a huge difference in your class.

Give them an opportunity to show what they value most

Before starting the school year, give your students an opportunity to show what they value the most. In this way, you can have useful insight into both the personal and academic life of your students to understand them better. You should also do the same for yourself so they can also have a good idea about your teaching expertise and interests.

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Plan your teaching practices based on your students’ data

While giving your students a chance to show their interests and what they value most, collect students’ data into a digital format so it can be used to make informed decisions, and for effective lesson planning. It will allow you to make decisions on the basis of the potency and interests of your students. As a tech-savvy teacher, you can use the online tool ‘Thrively’ to get a detailed picture of your students’ interests and learning skills.

Let them learn on their own pace

As a teacher, you don’t have the freedom to let your students choose topics for learning but you can allow them to choose how they want to learn. Give them plenty of options for how they can achieve their academic goals. For instance, if most of your students are visual learners, provide learning materials in the form of images, infographics, or videos. In this way, you will be able to teach them in the best possible way.

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Show you care

In order to increase student engagement, you should show that you care. Not only in the classroom, but also greet them outside the door. Listen to them and frequently ask what they did during the weekend and how they are chasing their academic goals. Visit their desks during the lecture and encourage them to take part in the lecture so they can learn more effectively and share their points too. Remember their names, birthdays and other special days to show you really care not only in the academic activities but in personal life as well.

Make learning interesting

Textbooks are always boring. But you need to make learning interesting to increase student engagement in the class. Find out ways to boost the interest of students in learning. Take them outside for field trips and give them a chance to learn from real-life examples. Have a debate in the class or ask interesting but relevant questions to allow them to think outside the box. Gamification is also a good idea to boost classroom engagement.

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