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Al-Azhar University Address and Contact Details

Al-Azhar University is the world’s premier Islamic educational institution and a major university in Cairo, Egypt. Al-Azhar University address is impressive as this venerated institute of higher learning is located along Al-Azhar Street in Al-Qahirah (translated to mean “the victorious”). It is the ancient name of beautiful Cairo. It was founded in 970 AD by the Fatimid Caliphate and is still regarded as a leading institution for conservative Islamic thought and education. Its campus covers an area of over two hundred acres with a teaching staff that exceeds thirty thousand faculty members.

Al-Azhar University is known for its high academic performance. Despite operating on significantly lower budgets than other universities. university students consistently perform at the top of their classes across various disciplines and lead their peers in mathematics, science, engineering, computer science, and many more.

Al-Azhar strives to create an environment that facilitates open dialogue between faith leaders and scientists committed to increasing scientific knowledge to benefit all peoples. Al-Azhar’s ultimate goal is to build a modern, progressive and united Islamic world. Al-Azhar’s campus provides accommodation available to students worldwide, including academies, student services, libraries, mosques, cafeterias, and churches.

Their contact details are available on the university website for inquiries, correspondence, or remittances for those who need to contact Al-Azhar University. The Al-Azhar university address and contact details are available online and accessible worldwide via mobile phone or laptop with internet access. If you are interested in studying at this prestigious institution, you will need to know the Al-Azhar University address and contact details. Keep reading for all the information you need.

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Al-Azhar University’s Location

Al-Azhar University is tucked away in the ancient city of Cairo, Egypt. It is a premier educational institute. The Al-Azhar University address has been around since the 10th century CE when Al Mu’izz li-Din Allah officially inaugurated Al-Azhar as an Islamic educational institution. Al-Azhar remains one of the oldest significant schools in the world. With its location right in the hub of culture and civilization. Education at Al-Azhar involves coursework and discussions regarding various cultural and religious issues. Which is why Al-Azhar has become known worldwide for its quality education and commitment to teaching excellence.

Contact of University

Al-Azhar University is one of Egypt’s oldest and most esteemed centers of higher learning, so it makes perfect sense that they are accessible and easy to contact. No matter your location or time zone, you can always reach Al-Azhar University by phone at +2 2386 8020 or via email at

Al-Azhar University’s Website

Al-Azhar University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Egypt, and its website is or It has all the information regarding Al-Azhar University address and contact details. All users can navigate the website to get Al-Azhar University’s comprehensive listing of their services, procedures, events, and faculty members. It is an excellent resource for Al-Azhar University’s students, parents, faculty, and staff alike to stay up-to-date with newsworthy events at Al-Azhar. From Al-Azhar’s headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, to its various regional branches throughout the Middle East. Al-Azhar University is sure to provide an enriching educational experience.

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The University Offers a Variety of Programs and Degrees

Al-Azhar University is an esteemed institution in permanent camp Nasr City, Cairo. It was established over one thousand years ago. The university offers diverse degree programs ranging from religious studies to medical sciences, with faculty holding doctoral degrees from international institutions.

It offers Islamic studies, Arabic language, Literature, and Engineering. You can receive the best education from highly specialized professors through Al-Azhar to help you meet your academic goals. Al-Azhar aims to motivate its students and enrich their lives through cultural integration and exploration.

Accommodation at Al-Azhar University

Al-Azhar University provides accommodation for international students as well as for local students. It has both on-campus residence halls and off-campus housing and apartments. The on-campus residence has modern hall amenities, including electricity, internet access, and hot water. So that students can be within walking distance or a short ride away from school activities.

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The university has two student hostels on campus, one for males and one for females. Each hostel is provided with basic amenities to ensure the comfort of its occupants. Al-Azhar University’s hostels are conveniently located just a few minutes from the main entrance. Many lively areas of downtown Cairo, making them an ideal place to live while studying at Al-Azhar University.

Despite the proximity to downtown, Al-Azhar University hostels are secure and offer 24/7 security surveillance. This arrangement ensures national and international students have a safe and secure living environment while studying at Al-Azhar University.

Al-Azhar University, The Most Prestigious University in the World

Thus, Al-Azhar University is one of the world’s oldest, most prestigious, and most highly respected universities. It is a remarkable educational institution with a rich history and has been an essential part of Islamic civilization and education since its founding in 969 AD. Al-Azhar University address is Al-Azhar permanent camp Street, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11884, Egypt, making Cairo home to this incredible university. Al-Azhar University address and contact details are also readily available to students looking to get in touch with the institution. With its impressive blend of centuries-old learning combined with modern technology and innovation.

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