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Award-Winning JabberJot Game Inspires Students to Write Creatively

When it comes to inspiring kids to enjoy creative writing jabberjot, it can be a challenge. The jot board game is changing that. The board game has been gaining awards and recognition for how it inspires players to write creatively. The National Parenting Center hailed JabberJot as, “One of the most creative games we have ever seen.” The game was created by filmmaker, author, and board game creator Allen Wolf, JabberJot has won 10 awards and was named “10 Best Games” by Dr. Toy. An updated version of this “Laugh-Out-Loud Storymaking Game” is now being launched through Kickstarter.

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Student Can create stories using words with JabberJot

Students race against the timer to create stories using words, pictures, and a theme, all of which are different for each round. When they’re finished, all stories are read. If the players fit all the elements into their story, they gain a point. If the Jabber picks their story as the favorite, they win another point. Students can either write out their stories or type them into their phone before giving or sending them to the reader.

improve vocabulary and creative writing skills

Dr. Toy, aka Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D., is one of the world’s leading experts on play, toys, and children’s products, and she agrees that JabberJot inspires creative writing. She gave the game three awards: Best 10 Games, 100 Best Children’s Products, and the Smart Play, Smart Toy Award. In her review, she notes, “This game will help your child improve vocabulary and creative writing skills, turn visual images and words into stories while engaging in endless imagination.”

The National Parenting Center, a leading parenting advocacy association, called JabberJot, “One of the most imaginative games we have ever seen. Requires players to bring a sense of fun, silliness, and creativity to the table. Perfect for large groups at a party or a family game night with as few as four players, JabberJot keeps the action moving and the wild storylines flowing. You will laugh, groan, and smile as you JabberJot.”

A campaign to launch a new, updated version of JabberJot is now featured on Kickstarter. For this new edition, Wolf has updated the pictures, created new ways to win, and shrunk the packaging to make it eco-friendly.

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People who make pledges to the Kickstarter campaign have a variety of rewards to choose from. They can receive games for themselves or donate games to underprivileged schools or an organization of their choice of JabberJot. Other levels of support allow people to be included on cards in the game or even have game creator Allen Wolf appear at a school or game party to teach the game. The new version of JabberJot will be manufactured if the campaign reaches its funding goal by May 30.

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