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Brazilian Virgin Hair Maintenance

Brazilian hair means human hair coming from Brazil, it is the highest quality hair and loved by many women. The biggest advantage of this type of hair is it has never been processed, its silky, lustrous texture make the hair most popular among all kinds of hair extensions in the market. The natural hair texture makes it look good on your head, select the right color that matches your own natural tresses.

The best feature of Brazilian virgin hair is it will not tangle, shed or matt even it is dry. Brazilian hair also can hold curls beautifully for a long time. The hair is usually comes with natural black or light brown color, any other color options offered by hair vendors means the hairs they are selling are not real virgin hair. While the hair length is in a wide range. Whatever type of hair extensions you are going to buy, care is necessary for them to look beautiful. Brazilian virgin hair is very expensive, please make sure you find the right ways to take care of it.

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It is better to have a professional placement for your hair extensions. Because proper placement is very important, improper extensions application will damage your natural hair, which will break. For example, tight weaving can lead to a painful scalp. The application should also not be loose because it will drop, so let your professional hair stylist do this job. The result will be the best.

Brazilian hair extensions, clean the scalp and hair extensions with powder shampoo on a weekly basis, from the scalp down to the ends.

After washing, use a light conditioner on your extensions to keep them silky and smooth. Deep conditioning could be done once a month if you feel the extensions are dry. Please rinse out the conditioner and shampoo thoroughly to minimize scalp issues. Use a towl to dry the hair but do not rub. You can also use a dryer, but you know, frequent use of heat tool will damage your hair extensions.

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After the hair is dry, apply some moisturizer or oil on it and comb. A wide-tooth comb is suggested because a brush will break your hair and bring hair shedding problem.

Argan oil contains Vitamin E, apply it on attachment for fast absorption can improve the hair elasticity. Brazilian hair will always be good if you take care of it, after choosing the best extensions you love, find the hair stylist who can server you in a professional way.

Well, here I recommend you a good place to buy the best wholesale Brazilian virgin hair. It is at New Star, which ranks top 3 in hair market. They are only selling real human virgin hair products, including weaves, extensions, wigs, lace cloures, lace frontals. These hair products use hair collected from different countries, such as Brazil, Peru, Malaysia, India, etc. More importantly, the hair has never been processed, it could accept coloring, dying, perm, curling and other treatment, after, the hair can still look natural. Now, purchasing virgin hair from New Star will get a large discount on bundels with closure.

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