Edthena – Video Coaching Platform For Teachers

Just like other fields of life, technology also has a great positive impact in the field of education in order to make the teaching & learning most effective and easier. Variety of technology tools and apps are used by educators as well as by students to build efficient study environment. In this piece of writing, we will discuss about ‘Edthena’, a bunch of tools which is designed especially for educators to augment professional development for teachers.

What is Edthena

Edthena, is a famous online platform that enables educators and teachers to record lessons of classroom instructing in form of video and after that share, those recordings with peers, mentors, and directors keeping in mind the end goal to get feedback and take part in a community oriented discussion about their educating.

How to use Edthena

Here are some instructions regarding how you (as an educator) can get benefits from this handy online tool.

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In simple words, Edthena is intended to enable instructors to get comments on their educating. The procedure for getting feedback is staggeringly basic and clear. Educators utilize any account gadget to get a video of their instructing, and after that transfer it into Edthena. One can also utilize it on chrome by installing their official Chrome extension.

After completing the recording, you can transfer it from the iOS/Android/Chrome application, or introduce their desktop uploader for PC or Mac PCs. This whole procedure is unimaginably basic and the Edthena group brags a more noteworthy than 99% achievement rate over all clients, all gadgets, and all document sorts for the principal transfer endeavor of video accounts.

At the next step, things are organized by the Edthena in groups. Instructors can be an individual from the same number of gatherings as they’d like, and these can be things like review level gatherings, all inclusive gatherings, region gatherings, branch of knowledge gatherings, and so forth.

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As an educator which is using this handy platform for recording, when you transfer your video to Edthena, you’ll select which group(s) or audience you need to approach that video. You’ll additionally give some fundamental data about the title of the lesson, a depiction, the point/subject, and the review level.

It has plenty of great features for educators but an adorable one is that you will be additionally ready to connect records, connections, and lesson wants to any video you transfer. This implies you can incorporate presents, exercises, slides, and whatever else that was a piece of the lesson you recorded.

After doing things rightly, once a video has been transferred, and this data has been included, instructors can begin getting criticism. When others are viewing the video, you should simply hit the, in addition, to catch on the video to include an inquiry, recommendation, quality, or note at the area of the marker. Similarly as with everything else in Edthena, including input is extremely basic and easy to use.

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When a feedback or comment is left on a video it will show up beneath the video in an encourage style arrange. Instructors can read through the notes individuals have left, and what’s surprisingly better, they can answer to them also. I think this segment of Edthena is incredible, and truly sets up a community, conversational feel to the feedback.

Instructors and educators can likewise include recordings as a component of explorations. It is the way to help sort out learning encounters inside any gathering an educator may be a piece of. What I believe is truly valuable about the Explorations is that you’re ready to transfer different recordings as a feature of a solitary lesson or task.

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