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Facts to Consider When Finding a Student Accommodation

Finding the best accommodation is the most critical factor that can make or break your experience of studying at a university.

While many universities offer dorms, these dorms often have strict rules, and you may not be able to enjoy enough privacy and comfort.

So, looking outside the university premises is a viable option.

There are many accommodation options, and folks must do extensive research to find the best one.

Students must consider various factors such as location, budget, facilities, security, and comfort to determine what suits their needs. The moment they get their acceptance letter from the university, they must start looking at the options before it’s too late.

Moreover, students have tons of options to choose from, from rentals to purpose-built specialised accommodations. You can find these specialised accommodations at sites such as

However, choosing the right place can be tricky, so here are some factors to focus on.

Type of room

Depending upon one’s preferences, one can choose a private room or wish to share their space with some peers to enjoy the sense of community. Some of the best-specialised student accommodation companies offer the right balance between both.

Pupils will be able to find private rooms or some socially-inclusive sharing options from authentic organisations. One benefit of staying in shared accommodation is that they can enjoy the organisation benefits and build connections that may last a lifetime.


The best accommodation would be close to your university, as you will not have to worry about waking up too early to head to the classes. In addition, you will save tons of money in the long run on travel costs and time.


Students must pay attention to the type of facilities the space offers. If they opt for a studio apartment and rent it alone, they might have to shell out some extra money to pay for essential services such as WiFi or laundry.

On the other hand, purpose-built student accommodation offers pupils many facilities that are included in the monthly amount.

Many organisations that offer shared spaces might also offer private study areas so that you can prepare to ace the tests.


Safety should be your first priority while looking at accommodation.

A single studio apartment may not be the best choice for safety and security purposes, and you’ll be responsible if any accidents happen. On the other hand, shared accommodation areas offer around-the-clock security. Here your possessions, and you will be safe at all times.

Chance to mingle with people

If you’re new to the city, choosing a community living space for students might be your best option. It will make your transition more accessible to the new city as you will find like-minded people in the same space.

Moreover, many of them might be from the same university, which will help you navigate your way to the university.

The best purpose-built student accommodation spaces often organise interactive activity sessions every week to help break the ice and make people comfortable with each other.

You must focus on these factors to find the best accommodation. Once you have figured out the accommodation, university life will become a bit easier for you.

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