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Free Websites to learn CBSE School Subjects like Physics, Chemistry, etc Online?

The e-learning sector in India is growing at its ever-increasing rate. There are various organizations or academies online that provide study material, notes, NCERT Solutions, CBSE sample papers etc for free. Many of them have their own web app while some are easily available on YouTube for free. Here’s a list of apps and websites you can use to study online:


It is one of the most popular websites. It is a great resource to learn various subjects in an easy and engaging way. They offer a wide range of subjects. They also have an online study app & Youtube channel where you can find video lectures on numerous topics. This website is specifically designed for NCERT, CBSE class 6 to 12, JEE main & advanced, NEET students. It provides sample papers, test papers, worksheets, notes, videos, and homework help. Most of them are also available for free. The paid subscription is also quite affordable.

Doubtnut’s learning app is a popular e-learning app in India. It is free but they do provide a paid subscription. The app provides effective and engaging learning programs to students through their videos. It helps students to understand certain complex concepts in a better and easier manner. It also helps students to understand concepts by relating them to real-life examples. The app allows every student to learn at their own pace by holding interactive sessions to ensure a clear conceptual understanding of the subject.

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Embibe is a good online platform. It provides various courses like JEE(Mains & Advanced), NEET, AIIMS, and various other state-level exams. It is an AI platform that gives the student a personalized e-learning experience. They have a good collection of mock test papers and previous year’s question papers. However, it requires a really good internet connection and also lacks offline facilities. The Android application is also not that effective.


Meritnation is also well known among CBSE students. There is also a web version available. Although, it is not totally free there are free trials available. It basically allows the students to prepare well for their CBSE board exams. Apart from that, the app also has a diverse collection of sample papers, NCERT solutions as well as animated tutorials.

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Unacademy also has a web version available. They also have a youtube channel where they upload video lectures from their web app. So, if you don’t want to pay for it, you can easily watch the lectures on youtube. There are multiple video lectures available on the same topic by various tutors so it could be confusing sometimes. It is good for competitive examinations as their video lectures are quite precise and to the point.

Physics Wallah

There are various youtube channels that provides video lectures for Physics, Chemistry, mathematics as well as for other subjects. Physics wallah is one of the best YouTube channels for CBSE student who wants to build their concepts in Physics and Chemistry. It offers some of the best video tutorials on the topics of Physics and Chemistry. The channel has nearly 4.3 million subscribers. Yes! It is very popular. Channel also contains more than 1000 video lectures. 

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Above are only some of the e-learning websites. With the current pandemic situation, the education system has shifted from an offline to an online system. Nowadays, multiple tutoring channels and websites are available on the internet both free and paid.

Remember to study every day. I would also highly suggest you read your textbook thoroughly. Reading your NCERT textbook will help you to build a basic foundation on the subjects. Do not mug up things. Always try to understand the basic concepts of a subject or topic. The key to performing well in the exams is being able to study smart and in a proper manner so that your efforts become fruitful. You must follow a proper schedule. Do not pressure yourself to cover things that are beyond your reach. Solve as many sample papers and previous years question papers as you can to get a clear idea of the exam pattern and the difficulty level.

Learning is a process that is different for everyone so learn at your own pace. Do not compare yourself with others. Keep learning.

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