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How To Implement Classroom Management in online classes

The professional bridging of the gap between students and teachers in a classroom setting is known as classroom management. The main aim of classroom management is to provide quality teaching with zero hassles; usually, children exhibit certain behaviors that hinder the overall learning experience.

Classroom management also improves mannerism in students, reduces stress, and significantly increases a positive classroom environment by reducing the risks of burnout.

The ideal classroom environment uses polite language, good eye contact, and respectful discussion with zero interruption.

Offline classroom management is different from online classroom management; the significant difference is the ability to monitor the growth in the class environment. Teachers utilize their best classroom management skills to develop and monitor students in an online class environment.


Here are some main points for online classroom management.


Two of the main reasons for less attention and engagement in an online classroom are the one-way teaching and technical glitches. The engagement rate will increase by making the interaction more interesting through a two-way conversation or group discussion.

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Due to the online classroom setting, students miss the fresh feel of being in a new semester/ grade; thus, by making the teacher’s broadcasting room more like a classroom, the students’ morale will increase, and thus, the engagement will increase.

Few teachers give a quick tour of the virtual classroom containing educational charts and stick notes; the stick notes are helpful to display important dates, which helps those with technical issues know the information when reconnected.


Achieving short-time goals help to improve morale and confidence in students, and thus the students will be more motivated to perform better on the subject. For example, the day can begin by announcing the day’s plan and congratulating those who completed the target.

The discussion of goals can include discussion to know the progress of the assignments; by regularly discussing the assignment queries, the students will gain more confidence and motivation to complete the tasks within the scheduled time.

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There are two modes of online instruction, namely, pre-recorded classes and live stream classes. Classes with a mixture of instruction methods have a higher success rate.

Pre-recorded instruction is helpful to provide guided notes, demonstrations, and follow-ups. More challenging concepts are easily understandable through guided notes on PPTs. The PPTs divide the idea into several slides, and the students will have sufficient time to make notes too manually. Pre-recorded instruction is helpful to demonstrate concepts visually; several statistics indicate that visual learning stays in the mind longer than textual learning. Further, the pre-recorded instruction method makes it easier to pause and follow up with the students through queries/ discussions.

Live stream meetings are an integral part of classroom management skills. The streaming method is helpful to conduct special sessions to clarify doubts. The technique is beneficial to interact with shy students one-to-one.

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Various online platforms come in handy to conduct sessions using this method; they provide waiting rooms, mute options, discussion boards, live chats, break rooms, and emoticons to encourage student interaction. Emoticons such as clapping hands are popular these days.


Classroom management is essential to have an orderly learning environment. The management of the classroom is different in an online and offline learning setting. The offline classroom setting has been in practice for centuries, and the online classroom setting is relatively new.

Thus, modifying online applications to resemble offline classroom settings is essential to gain better results.

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