Is education necessary to earn money?

Many people assume that education is necessary to earn money and other people do not believe in this concept. Both sides have their reasons to defend themselves. By relating money with education, we are forgetting the real purpose of education. Education helps to widen and expand our thoughts, create open-mindedness, help to learn basic ethical values, and we consume a lot of information in school but in school, we are not taught about money.

So is it really important to go to school to earn money? We have a different way to earn money education is not that important if your only purpose of education is to live a good life3 with a handsome salary package.

The global smart education and learning market size was $191.32 Bn in 2019 & is projected to reach $783.48 Bn by 2027, at a CAGR of 19.6% in the forecast period.

Livelihood which does not require education:

There are many ways to earn money without education. In the past centuries, people were uneducated but still, they were making money. The family follows the same livelihood as their father. The fathers share their experiences with their sons, teach them the necessary skills required to maintain and grow in that particular profession like farming, livestock, doing family business, carpeting, plumbing, and electrician, real estate business and the list goes on. These professions do not require education. It requires professional skills and expertise in a particular field that is technically more important than education. These professions require certain years of experience to polish them and to be the best in that field.

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Where education is important to earn money:

The particular field where education is critically important is becoming a doctor, lawyer, nurse, mathematician, computer coding, programming, etc. The more knowledge and experience you have in this field, the more you will earn money. These professional fields require education as a necessary element But in 21 century, almost education is required in almost every field, if you want to stand out from others you should learn and practice and master skills to earn handsome money. The schools help to master the professional education, they do not teach us how to appear in the interview and how you can win a good job and how to manage money. Managing money is as important as education. More education does not necessarily mean more money unless you have the desired skills and experience to compete with your competitors.

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The education today is focusing more on cramming and memorizing facts and to score good grades, the guts which can make us more valuable in the market are not taught. Communication skills, critical thinking, people management, money management are not taught. Many students who were college dropouts build successful companies in the world. The money is earned by the value you create, not by the knowledge you possess. If you are unable to express and apply the knowledge you possess, then what is the purpose of going to school to earn money.

What should you choose?

Education and money are two entirely different things. The knowledge you possess cannot be stolen, however, the money can be. The knowledge and education you possess are for a lifetime and the money can never be long lasting. When you share your knowledge with the world, you increase your worth and money has the money the opposite cases, it decreases when you share it. Education will always be more valuable as you have no substitute for it and no one can take your knowledge from you.

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Final Thoughts:

The importance of money cannot be denied, money is necessary to live life however education is not. There are formal ways to earn money where education is not necessary and some professions require education and knowledge. Many uneducated persons are doing better in their life and there are still educated persons who do not have any job. The skill talent and potential can make you capable to earn money. there is no money in education in itself, it’s in the person and the way how he perceives it.

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