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Learning Business Intelligence Skills Will Make You More Valuable

In today’s constantly changing world, business enterprises have to be ready to make drastic changes at a moment’s notice. By utilizing the skills of employees with a comprehensive knowledge of BI best practices, businesses can rest assured that a changing landscape won’t have disastrous consequences for them.

Now more than ever, businesses are actively working to implement BI practices and hire individuals with BI skills. If one is contemplating pursuing higher education in the field of BI, knowing why BI skills are valuable can help simplify the process.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence, often abbreviated as BI, is a process that businesses use to make decisions based on data. The term BI encompasses both the strategies and technologies used to collect data and generate decisions. In essence, BI includes all the different ways businesses, and various other enterprises such as educational institutions, collect, analyze and use data to improve their operations.

Some examples of data used in BI include trends in the marketplace, historical contexts, and information about the work habits of employees in various geographical regions. From a huge collection of data, BI can glean insights on various things such as what products are likely to sell better in various markets and how to maximize efficiency in factories. Ultimately, the inferences provided by BI should be able to be implemented into practice and, as a result, increase profits for companies

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Business Intelligence Education

Take the leap to make yourself a valuable asset in the business landscape by earning a doctorate in Business Intelligence. Marymount University’s online DBA in Business Intelligence is perfect for working professionals with an MBA looking to make themselves more valuable in today’s constantly changing business landscape. Take advantage of this highly personalized online DBA program and start investing in a better future for yourself.

Why Are BI Skills Valuable in Today’s Business Landscape?

The world of business is an ever-evolving landscape that is constantly being changed by new innovations and trends. Though the expanding nature of the business can be exciting, it can make staying relevant a difficult task. The volatility of the business landscape is exactly what makes having BI skills such a sought-after asset. Whether it’s forecasting new trends or implementing efficiency-boosting strategies, those with the skills to utilize BI are invaluable to business enterprises. Businesses are aware of the worth of these skills and are constantly seeking candidates who are well versed in BI.

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With the use of BI skills, job candidates can make themselves stand out in the business landscape. In today’s world, having a working knowledge of BI makes one an attractive choice when hiring managers are looking to fill important positions in their company. By taking the time to become familiar with BI and add it to one’s wheelhouse, those working in the business sector make themselves far more valuable than their counterparts without this expertise. The tools and software that are used in BI can be difficult to navigate for the average person. Those with a working knowledge of these tools are valuable to businesses who are looking to reap the benefits of implementing BI strategies.

What Are Some BI Techniques?

Though BI is an extremely broad field that can encompass many different things, the concept can become clearer with some examples. Here are some techniques that fall under the BI umbrella:

  • Benchmarking: Benchmarking is a BI technique in which a specific enterprise compares the metrics of their business against industry standards. This can be useful to businesses because it can illuminate what specific areas of an enterprise are underperforming, and operations can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Statistical Analysis: Statistical analysis is a BI technique in which statistics is used to interpret a specific set of data and identify trends. This can be especially helpful for business enterprises because it can help them identify the trends that they can utilize to improve the profitability of their company.
  • Data Visualization: Data visualization is a technique in which data is translated into a visual representation, such as a graph or chart. This can be useful to businesses by making data trends easy to identify, internalize, and keep track of.
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How Do I Gain BI Skills?

The best way to gain BI skills and become familiar with the discipline is through advanced education. The modern business landscape has become highly saturated with MBA holders and candidates need more accolades to make them appealing to hiring managers.  This makes obtaining a DBA, especially a DBA in BI, a great way for people to stand out in their companies. Working MBA holders in particular are perfect candidates for doctorate programs specializing in BI. Programs such as these are tailored to individuals working full-time in the business sector and can help make these individuals appealing choices for promotions.

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