Medical University Interview: Tips to Prepare

Are you aiming for a spot at one of the top medical schools? If yes, then brace yourself for a nerve-racking interview session because if you aren’t really able to ace the entrance test then your results will not really matter much. The hurdles are always challenging for the pre-meds. If you think that your stellar GAMSAT and ATAR results will invariably earn you a spot at one of the top medical universities, then you’re wrong. Your interview is definitely crucial to your chances. Let us go through the post in a bid to find out ways in which medical students can actually go on to prepare themselves for university interviews.

Some serious introspection can do wonders!

The first point itself will act as a major confidence booster for you. Let us tell you that you are here – in front of the interviewers because you have wowed them with yor exam results. So that should give you a lot of confidence. The purpose of holding this interview is to test your urge to and capability of demonstrating your knowledge and enthusiasm. Your exam papers will not necessarily help evaluators judge the same. If you are actually very stressed out before the interview you should repeatedly ask yourself about your truest intentions before stepping inside. There are instances where students have actually broken down in front of the interviewers admitting that they did not want to be doctors.

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What do you need to practise?

Practice. Let us tell you that after questioning yourself if you find that you truly don’t want to be a doctor then you should give the interview a miss. And, if you think that you want to pursue this profession then make sure nothing is stopping you from appearing for that interview at the first place. Your urge to become a doctor should be reason enough for you to want to nail the interview at the first place.

Medical University Interview: Tips to Prepare
Medical University Interview: Tips to Prepare

Comprehending the interview process itself

It is extremely important on your end to ensure that you are actually taking the trouble to understand the interview process at the first place. Just practicing mock interviews or mugging up some stock questions will not really help in this regard. Let us tell you that walking into a panel interview and finding it to be totally different from what you thought can actually put you off guard. In fact, it is the university itself which makes it very clear about the kind of interview which will be conducted. For instance, in some cases or for matter in case of certain universities you might as well be asked to participate in MMI or Multi Mini Interviews consisting of multiple interview stations. Each station will ask different questions on the same topic and you will be given specific time to answer each question.

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So, you can well understand that with the differences in the process of interviews the way you practice for the interview will also change. Make sure you are adopting a nuanced approach to the interview.

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