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PRINCE2 Project Leadership explained

Project Leadership

Project leadership is the process by which a project manager leads a group of people selected to complete the job and accountable to the project manager. The Managing & Managing the project (M&M) framework is a method of revisiting work done for a project and making certain corrections as necessary to ensure adherence to specifications. As you might find on a PRINCE2 Foundation Course Edinburgh.

Project managers should be hired to handle a given job.  The number, size, and composition of the team are important issues to evaluate.

Level of Job Involvement

Project management involves knowing what your ultimate business and objectives are. However, many executives hire project managers on an ad hoc basis, or as a response to urgent events.

Also, the project manager will likely be responsible for developing the team that will work on the project.  In that case, sufficient attention should be paid to skills, experience, and qualifications.

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Team Members

Working in an environment with individuals who are not accustomed to working together, the project manager will encounter a number of unexpected problems.  In short, successful project management means the ability to adjust to the multitude of issues that may arise by the nature of the people involved and to accept their advice and counsel without becoming overly critical.

The Right Project Management

The effectiveness of your project management skills is measured not by the completion of a project, but instead by what was accomplished, the resources expended, and the results of the project reflected by the final report — the Project Report.

Project managers need to monitor the overall success of the project over a period of time and establish methods for predicting future performance.  In other words, project managers need to be highly knowledgeable about assumptions and target objectives.

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The right skill set to fill technical

Project managers need to have the right skill set to fill technical, procedural, and communication gaps.  Project managers should receive enough information so that they are well-positioned to understand their superior’s broad outlines but not be so deeply involved in the details of specific activities that they function as permanent “information burglars”.

Project management works perhaps more than any other aspect of the business.  At the very least it helps you meet the organization’s overall objective and the technical competence to apply the knowledge and determination to your daily work.

Project managers should not work as a “fix-all” for programs or projects.  Included in the overall program should be the proper education and training for both novice and experienced project managers.  Simple knowledge and techniques found inside the project manager’s toolbox will be highly valued in the workplace.  One thing that the new manager must determine is the right balance between competence and deal-making behavior.

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A straightforward approach to management development

Taking a more straightforward approach to management development in the workplace, don’t try to perfect the newness of any new project at the expense of the quality of the work.  You cannot have it all.

The best venue for learning is with experience.  Simply devote one or two years to practice and learn by doing.  Make it your goal to learn more of this management aspect, and the rest will follow.  Good luck with your project management efforts!

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