Pros and Cons of Online Education

The education system rapidly changed after COVID-19. All the schools and universities shifted their education system online. The online system helped the student in a critical time and their study was affected. The online education system has its own merits and demerits.

The school college and university were shut down due to this pandemic. The student was unable to do their studies regularly in school or college. But with the help of online classes, they were able to continue their studies without any delay.

The students had sufficient time to prepare for an exam because they didn’t have to waste time on traveling or commuting to colleges or schools. By having online education, they save a lot of time and are able to study more efficiently and make better preparation for exams.

Many times student misses lectures in schools or colleges because of certain reasons like sickness but with online classes, there is no such problem. They can watch their missed lectures whenever they want and if there is any doubt they can ask questions from teachers and clear the doubts immediately. Online platforms are available 24×7 so that students can learn anytime they want. Students don’t have to wait for fixed hours there.

Online Education System Benefits

Online education may be beneficial for the students and it depends on the requirement of the student. Some students are capable of doing self-study, they can focus on their studies and they don’t need any help. Online education is beneficial for those students who can do self-study. Online education has many benefits in the current situation due to COVID-19.

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Let’s see how the online education system benefited the students and how students were affected due to this online learning.

Easily Accessible

The students can study inline without any hurdle. They do not have any transport or travel issue. They can join the online lectures sitting at their comfort place. Online resources like Z library offer quick and easier access to lots of course books and materials that students can read and download to learn effectively right from their homes. The students can study whenever they want and they want. Moreover, the lectures can be recorded and students can revise the lectures at any time. Students do not need to change their uniforms or to get ready to join the lectures. The students can turn off their mikes when they want to talk with anyone in the family.


Online education is comparatively less costly than traditional education. As the students do not need to pay for transport or real estate or other food expenses. Moreover, the students can get success in all the lectures and study material documents in the soft form and paperwork charges are saved. It is beneficial for students and their families.

Improved attendance

The students can join the lectures easily so there are lesser chances that they will miss the class. Normally in traditional classes, students can be late or they have to consider weather conditions before going out. Online education has eradicated this problem. The statistics have shown that the attendance of the students is higher in the online education system.

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Disadvantages of Online Education:

The online education system has created a lot of ease for students but it also has some disadvantages.


The students have a lot of distractions in their homes as they do not study in a proper place. They left the class and use social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube while avoiding what the teacher is saying. They are unable to focus on the lecture for a longer time, so they lose interest and focus easily. If the lecture is boring or the teacher does not engage the students in the class, they will be unable to concentrate on the lecture.

Internet Connectivity

Many students living in remote areas do not have access to the internet and their studies are compromised. The students having poor internet connections are also unable to join the class. Due to the instability of the internet connection, students cannot listen to the lecture properly as the voice is not clear. This is a great hurdle for students who live in that geographical area where the internet connection is poor.

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Health issues

The screen time of the students having online education is increased than normal screen time. They have to hold their phones for 4-5 hours consistently. They have a severe headaches and redness of the eyes due to increased screen time. Moreover sitting consistently in front of their laptop and computers, students get back pain. The health of the students gets compromised and they get frustrated.

Lack of physical interaction

Students are unable to physically interact with their teachers to discuss the lectures and to clear their confusion. The students cannot interact with their friends to study in groups or help each other in the assignment work.

No doubt, online education saved the study loss of many students. However, many courses cannot proceed online like research work or practical work of engineers and doctors. Online education cannot replace the traditional system. The students studying in kindergarten or lower grades have great difficulty studying online because they are not familiar with the process.


It has been stated by the experts that online systems are reliable and easy to handle. But there are a few demerits of online education such as distraction, noise, bad internet connection, and lack of teaching faculties. Students should make proper use of these online systems and utilize them in a positive way. The online education system has its own merits and demerits.

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