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Proven Tips For Successful Distance Learning

As COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, educational institutes around the globe are closed and shifting to online learning to help prevent coronavirus, students must be provided with the basic guidelines and tips for successful distance learning. Delivering distance learning to students at this larger scale has never been made before. Moreover, online education also offers a wide range of educational opportunities and flexibility to students of all ages. There are a lot of ways to optimize the online learning experience for students.

In this article, there are a few proven tips for teachers and students to ensure efficient learning during this global lockdown.

Determine the Learning Style of your Child and Plan Accordingly

Every student has their own learning style and habits. Understanding and using the learning style of your child will make learning easier and fun for him/her. When you know the learning style of your child very well, you can provide him/her with the appropriate materials and resources.

Make Learning Interactive and Constant

Instead of overwhelming students or your kids with a big amount of information and knowledge to understand and consume, present the details and information into small doses. As the attention span of students can vary, you should create a plan based on their attention spans so they can learn more attentively and effectively. Also, include regular breaks in the learning schedule to take the students away from screens during the teaching-learning process. It allows them to process the information and knowledge in the best possible way without losing concentration.

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Have a Dedicated Study Space

Ask your child or students how they like to study and help them find a comfortable and peaceful learning space that is free from distractions. Stock the study space with essential supplies and tools that they might need during the distance learning. A properly managed desk, a laptop, an internet connection, a notebook, and other writing supplies are the vital aspects of a dedicated and peaceful learning space. You can make the learning space more personal for your child by adding personalized colors, charts, and something creating to break the boredom.

Provide Them with The Right Learning Technologies and Tools

Providing your child or students with the right educational tools and technologies is another best way to support them during online learning. the list includes tools that are useful for organizing their work, schedule, and improve their communication and writing skills. Thanks to the advanced technology and high-speed internet, there is a wide range of online learning and writing tools available to make learning easier than ever before. Project management tools, ready to use educational templates and plagiarism checkers make life easier for online learners. So, you should provide them with the right range of tools so they can attend online lectures and learn more effectively.

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Help them learn with Real-Life Examples

Parents and educators should find creative ways to connect the course content to real-life examples. It helps students learn in the best possible way. It also helps them understand the connection between what is being taught and how it can be used to solve real-time problems and issues. Assigning students with practical exercises like budgeting, money-saving and credit management are the best ways to make learning fun and more practical for them.

Have them Set Deadlines and Stick to them

Make your students keep up with their assignments, schedule and deadlines in a timely manner. Let them know that following to deadlines is an important aspect of practical life. Help them set easy to chase deadlines and chase them on time without getting late. Whether it is an essay writing assignment or a home project, ask them to submit their assignments and projects on time.

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Have your Child/Students Stay in Touch with Educators

When it comes to learn online, there is a variety of communication tools and technologies that can be used to stay in touch with teachers-students. Ask your child or student to contact and interact with their teachers or instructors on a regular basis by using the appropriate communication methods. If they are facing some issues while completing homework or any other assignment, make them sure to immediately contact with the educator according to the set schedule or communication plan.

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