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Reasons to Choose Project-Based Learning than Traditional Learning

What is Project-based learning
It is the latest learning approach in which students work on specific projects for a particular period of time to solv

What is Project-based learning

It is the latest learning approach in which students work on specific projects for a particular period of time to solve real-world problems or answer the difficult questions regarding the project. The time for completion of the project can range from a few days up to a semester. PBL or project-based learning is a nontraditional learning model that enables the students to solve real-world problems by using their skills and expertise. In this educational structure, students are presented with various multi-step problems to solve or are required to answer the complex question based on their educational experience and skills. There are a lot of reasons to choose project-based learning and some of them are listed below here.

Benefits of Project-based Learning

Real world problem solving

The major focus of the PBL is to enable students to face different real-world situations that may get up in future. They deal with such problems or situations in the form of assigned projects by using their interpersonal skills and expertise either to eliminate the problem or by suggesting the best possible solution. In this way, they are able to grow their skills, passion, and credibility to get things done more efficiently.

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Learning while doing

Most of the education professionals always suggest project-based learning in order to advance career because students are learning while they are doing the things themselves. For instance, if the students of computer science are assigned to resolve the IT related issues of a company or business organization, the student will really learn the new things and techniques while getting the situation right by using their academic knowledge and skills. In this way, they will be able to understand the real world problems that can occur in near future.

Enhanced interpersonal skills

Enhanced interpersonal skills are one of the great benefits of project-based learning. Most of the assigned projects are complex enough for students than the assignment in the traditional learning approach. In results, students are more likely to utilize their expertise and efforts in order to complete the project or solve a specific problem in a best possible way. They always learn something new while working on the project and in this way they can enjoy enhanced interpersonal skills when they are on the way to earn a quick bachelor degree via project-based learning. They can learn new expertise, skills, and tactics from their fellow students to do things efficiently while collaborating the different stages of a project as a team. Students are grouped together to work in project-based learning and that can maximize their communication skills and can also encourage teamwork.

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Gaining actual knowledge

Project-based learning is the best way to gain actual & in-depth knowledge and experience about the real world problems as students actually face them in form of projects and utilize their knowledge to resolve them appropriately. They learn while doing things themselves that traditional learning cannot offer.

A wide variety of choices

In the whole process of project-based learning, most of the projects are chosen by the students or assigned by instructors by taking the interests and learning style of students into consideration. It means the students can learn the things they are interested in or can choose the project according to their learning pace. Selection of the interest-based projects enables them to learn mindfully without losing focus and attention. On another hand, in traditional learning, the same assignment is given to all the students without considering their interests and learning styles.

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Technical skills

When students are moving towards their academic goals via project-based learning, they are more likely to use different technologies and gadgets to complete their projects. In this way, they boost their technical skills and can also learn how to make use of the latest technology in order to solve the real world problems to get better results. In this digital world where computer and internet are vital things, project-based learning can help the students to explore the new technical skills and expertise in order to advance career for more opportunities.

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