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Setting School Goals

Your kids can set goals for their school year. This is a great way to get them thinking about what they want to do for the year and find their focus. Going to school becomes such an everyday occurrence. Help your kids remember that the purpose of school is to learn.
Goals can be set for any age group. From the kindergartener to the high school or college student, take a few minutes at the beginning of the school year to set some goals. Now that I’m a mom, I can see how much this would have helped me throughout school. Especially when I began college – I was on my own. If my parents would have sat down and helped me set some goals, I probably would have finished college 15 years ago instead of going back now.
Make the goals as simple or details as needed, depending on the age of your child. For young children, the goals can involve making new friends, behaving in school, and getting homework done on time. As they reach junior high and high school, they might want to set a goal to try a variety of classes and not just pick their favorite subjects.
When your children reach college age, help them find their focus and decide on a course of study. Don’t assume that the professors and advisors will do this for them. Talk with your kids about what they like and where their strengths are. Help them consider career choices based on the courses they prefer.
Whatever age your children are at, setting goals is a great way to begin the school year and get your kids focused. Follow through with them and watch them succeed.

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