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Things You Can Find Out from Kajabi Reviews

If you’re into an online business, you’ve probably heard of Kajabi. But even if you didn’t know about this platform, it’s about time to learn something about it. You never know when you might need it. And once you start using it, you’ll understand why you won’t need other platforms.

Kajabi is a gathering place for online courses. It brings together those who create e-learning materials and those who need this new knowledge. Online users appreciate resources like this because they provide a large selection and subscription plans for all needs.

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What Is Kajabi Used for?

If you’re not familiar with Kajabi, it’s a platform with a wide range of options, and you can use it to create full-featured blogs. It lets you create a blog on your website. You can create new blog posts, add content, and even do SEO for your web page.

Kajabi is an excellent solution for online course creators. It offers an elegant website and list builder for different online businesses. For example, if you’d like to sell physical products online, this platform provides email marketing, and sales funnel software. Also, it has proven blueprints for various automated funnels, especially useful for lead generation.

Another handy feature is the ability to customize the look and feel of your courses. It allows you to edit course content, set up affiliate links, and send push notifications to your affiliates. You can even add more features to sell more products if you own a website. For example, it combines Shopify with WordPress to help you get an excellent website and increase sales.

Ease of Use

A great thing about Kajabi is that it makes it easy to create membership sites and charge a monthly or yearly fee to access members-only content and products. Plus, it offers one-step checkout, live online training, and extensive course libraries. Compared to similar platforms, Kajabi offers more support resources, including FAQs and webinars.

This platform also offers many customization options to change the look and feel of your website without changing the core functionality of the software. You can add new features by changing settings, while administrators can easily edit and organize content. That can replace multiple platforms if needed so that it may be the right solution for all of your business needs.

Kajabi also allows you to schedule new content releases for course participants. You can choose a drip schedule based on enrollment or select a specific date to release new content. You can also lock specific content so that your students can only access it after completing the lesson or passing a quiz. This option is great for online courses, but it does require some knowledge of programming.

Platform Pros

Kajabi has many benefits that make it ideal for beginners and professionals alike. Besides offering a simple course management system, it also includes handy marketing tools like sales funnels and email marketing. This platform also provides many features that help you create a profitable course. Check this page for more tips on that.

Another key advantage of Kajabi is its ability to streamline creating websites. You can store courses on your website or a custom domain. And you can use an integrated library of content. With these features, you can offer your students a better experience. You’ll also have better control over how your courses are marketed.

One of the most significant selling points is its automation feature. For example, you can set up rules that automatically send reminder emails to inactive students or offer free courses to students who finish lessons. This feature alone makes it the best course creation and management tool available.

Transparent Pricing

One of the biggest challenges with e-learning is figuring out pricing models. The most impressive part of Kajabi is that its pricing scales logically, without requiring users to pay for domains and software. And unlike other similar programs, you don’t have to worry about additional licensing fees.

Kajabi allows you to create multiple subscription plans and charge for each one separately. Also, it offers flexible pricing and an intuitive checkout page. For example, it’s possible to link your account with payment services like PayPal and Stripe. So you can charge different prices for different courses and earn more money with every sale.


While Kajabi is a powerful learning management system, it’s still not perfect. First, the lack of an intuitive interface makes this platform not so user-friendly for newbies. It takes time to master the many functionalities. That has more to do with the size of the platform’s functionality than the user’s abilities. But Kajabi’s tutorials and University can be of great help.

Next, this platform doesn’t show how much time students spend studying the course material. It also doesn’t show their progress in terms of continuing education credits. That’s an important issue, especially if you want to track student progress.

Some students may find it difficult to stay online for long periods. So, they need to download course materials and complete tasks offline. Thankfully, Kajabi has an offline download feature.

If you’re interested in using Kajabi, you can try out a 14-day trial. But even if you subscribe and change your mind, this platform offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, it has an excellent refund policy, unlike many other similar websites.

Is It Worth the Money?

If you’re looking for a course creation platform, Kajabi reviews can help you decide whether this platform is good for you or not. But you have to admit that its flexibility is unparalleled. The software is fully customizable and provides free SSL certificates for all pages. That helps to keep your customers’ data safe. It even has a support team to deal with any technical issues.

Suppose you consider using Kajabi to create a course or an attractive website. In that case, reading reviews will give you a good idea of this platform. Moreover, you will also learn about its pros and cons and the pricing. Luckily, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, so Kajabi is worth looking into.

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