Top 5 courses that can Upgrade your career in Post-Pandemic Era

To succeed in the highly competitive job market, today almost all employees face the imminent pressure of continuously upgrading their skills and knowledge. The growing economic uncertainty in the aftermath of the pandemic has only further exacerbated this pressure. This glaring reality is likely to propel ambitious employees and students to look out for good skill-oriented courses for upgrading their careers. With this in mind, we’ve compiled the list of top 5 courses that can potentially revitalize your career in the post-pandemic era.

These courses specifically cater to the industry-specific needs and the requirements in the post covid times.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course

Today it is really hard to miss the buzz around Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). All the critical industries across the sector today are relentlessly struggling to untap the potential of these two cutting edge technologies. This has created an unfettered demand for AI and ML skillsets in the job market, while there are numerous online and offline courses that claim to proficiently impart these skillsets to their students. While selecting courses, students must preferably give weightage to institutes and online education platforms that have become popular brand names.

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Some may be conspicuously curious to know just how much AI and ML professionals really earn. Well, a senior AI and ML analyst or professional can earn anywhere between 12 Lac to 15 Lac per annum.

Digital Marketing Course

The internet’s ubiquitous presence in modern life has increased the importance of digital marketing. This subsequently has fueled the overwhelming need for proficient digital marketing professionals who can give a decisive advantage to companies on the highly competitive internet landscape. Today the demand for a digital marketing professional is so high that they are being paid lucrative salary packages for their services. In fact, during the post covid times their salary is likely to further witness sporadic rise as pandemic has accelerated the internet penetration and companies are clamouring hard to reach out to their customers.  

All these conducive factors have today made digital marketing among the most sought after career choices. These favourable factors may also spur the interest of ambitious professionals in digital marketing courses. Today online educational platforms abound with digital marketing courses that promise to efficiently impart internet marketing skills.

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Cybersecurity courses

The world had woken up to the importance of cybersecurity much before covid struck with vengeance. However, the pandemic has further amplified the cybersecurity concerns of the global industry. Technology experts and veterans unanimously agree that cyber-attacks are likely to increase by manifold in the post-pandemic era and this has created a dire need to create an army of efficient cybersecurity professionals.

The growth projections of the cybersecurity industry also point out that this industry will continue with its unabated growth in the coming years. The value of the cybersecurity market is expected to reach a whopping $352 Bn by 2026.

In a nutshell, a career in cybersecurity can take you a long way and assure you a financially prudent life.

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Executive MBA (MBA WX) Course

Executive MBA or MBA WX course is perfect for ambitious working professionals who are desperately aiming for a promotion or salary hike. This rigorous course essentially aims to broaden your industry level skillsets and corporate knowledge, preparing managers to confidently face massive challenges in the post-pandemic era.

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The corporate industry over the years has steadily awakened to the incredible value that MBA WX students bring to the table. The corporate world’s incessant need for dynamic leaders to deal with unforeseen challenges in aftermath of pandemics has further propelled the popularity of the executive MBA courses. In a nutshell, the MBA WX course thoroughly deserves to be in our top 5 list.

Notably, only working professionals with a minimum of 2-3 years of experience can apply for executive MBA or MBA WX courses.   

Cloud computing courses

A career in cloud computing provides another lucrative avenue for achieving a highly rewarding career in the post-pandemic times. In fact, today many career experts dub a career in cloud computing a recession-proof career. Simply because the demand for cloud computing is so high that it can surmount even the biggest economic uncertainty in future. Companies cutting across different sectors and industries will continue to use cloud computing services in the long run for maximizing their productivity and efficiency. If these facts make sense to any ambitious professionals reading this article then they might give a thought to enrolling in a cloud computing course.

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