Why is Gratitude at Workplace Important?

Are you an employee or an employer? Regardless of which end of spectrum you are on you will never be able to imagine the kind of impact gratitude has in the job scenario today. As an employee you might as well feel underappreciated at work. As an employer you might as well have missed every opportunity to praise your employees for their contribution to the company. None of us is aware of the possible consequences till we actually come across concrete evidence.

How does gratitude help a company to grow?

As per Pay Scale today around 40% of employees hailing from diverse fields of work actually feel underappreciated at work and before you dismiss this finding as inconsequential for your business let us tell you that you would be committing a huge mistake in that case. Gratitude remains one of the most important variables governing employee retention.

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Do know for a fact that one of the most prominent reasons why employees may go on to leave your company is lack of appreciation. Not many out there appreciate a thankless job considering the fact that they have a plethora of options today.

Are you listening?

There are various ways with the help of which gratitude actually serves to reinforce positivity within work environment. It has been proved that gratitude does have a role to play in ensuring good physical health. If employees are consistently ignored at workplace – or for that matter their contribution is being ignored on a regular basis then there is every chance of them being bogged down by stress. Stress is one of the major triggers of poor health. Stress can take a toll on a person’s professional capabilities as well. They need to be appreciated whenever applicable to make them feel better about themselves and keep their stress levels under control.

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Why is Gratitude at Workplace Important?
Why is Gratitude at Workplace Important?

What are the studies saying?

There are several studies that have been conducted from time to time that have actually gone on to find and eventually establish the connection between gratitude and the overall sense of well-being. People who are rightfully appreciated at work are driven by a sense of well-being. If you are showing gratitude to your employees they in turn will become more grateful to their job and you. The happiness thus instilled as a result will reflect on their work as well. Expect higher productivity and eventually higher ROI as well.

Gratitude can actually go on to add new dimensions to corporate relations. Words of praise are often seen as the definitive way with the help of which your employees can develop a personality more suited to handle corporate relations. With praises comes confidence and with confidence comes the ability to judge oneself better – to realize one’s potential in a better fashion.

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Are you listening?

Are you an employer? Are you showing due gratitude to your employees? If not, you really are missing out on major opportunities! The more you read up about the effect of gratitude on productivity, the better adept you will be at exploring these nuances.

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