Working Full Time While Taking an MBA Course: Tips to Consider

Those who have experienced what it’s like to attend university while working a full-time job know that it can be difficult to judge both an educational program and a career. Though the process can be stressful, there are ways to make juggling a job and an MBA program easier. Understanding some key tips for working full-time and going to school can help make the process easier to navigate.

Here are some tips to consider when working full-time while taking an MBA course.

Communicate with Your Professors

For most individuals who take the leap and attend MBA courses while working full time, there will come times when one’s career and school obligations clash. In these scenarios, you’ll have to try and convince your professors to accommodate your needs in various ways.

Rather than waiting for something drastic to happen before reaching out, it can be helpful to start communicating with professors at the beginning of each semester. By letting your instructors know that you are working full-time, they’ll likely be more open to working with you if something at work comes up that interferes with your schooling.

Have a Clear and Unwavering Schedule

Sometimes, it’s easy for individuals to make rough schedules that vaguely indicate what they plan to do. This can be something like planning to study for two hours a day. While this is a good start, it can be difficult to manage the heavy workload that comes with pairing a full-time career with an MBA program. As such, having a detailed schedule that you commit to can ensure that you don’t fall behind on your obligations and become stressed and overwhelmed.

Before the beginning of the semester, be sure to sit down and plan out when you intend to study and do assignments outside of work. By having an established schedule, you’ll be less likely to fall behind in your MBA courses and start struggling.

Choose Your MBA Course Wisely

When choosing an MBA course, there are many factors that you should consider before making your decision. If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering how long does it take to get an MBA? While some courses will get you an MBA faster — maybe even as fast as one year — they will require more work and hours spent on school. Though some may be able to handle this, for most, these accelerated MBA programs can prove to be too overwhelming and taxing to do while working a full-time job.

It’s important to choose an MBA course with a workload that you’ll be able to manage in your free time outside of work. The amount of work that is appropriate will be different for everyone, and only you can determine how much you’ll be able to commit to. This being the case, it’s important not to rush into an MBA program without doing your research and ensuring that the schedule and workload work for you as a full-time employee.

Get Rid of Distractions

When taking an MBA course while working full time, there will be times when your mind wants to wander and take any excuse to take a break. While it’s important not to overwork yourself, it’s also important to use your time extremely wisely if you want to obtain an MBA while working full time. This being the case, making a game plan to get rid of all distractions can make it easier to complete your MBA coursework and study outside of work.

It can be useful to have a dedicated space where you plan to do your studying. You can make a point to never take your phone to that area or at least put it on do not disturb mode for the duration of your studying sessions. In addition, it may be a good idea to let others in your household know that they shouldn’t disturb you while you are having a study session.

By eliminating as many distractions as you can, you make it easier for yourself to stay focused and accomplish your goal of obtaining an MBA while being a full-time employee.

Making it Happen

While obtaining an MBA while working full-time can be difficult, it is more than possible to accomplish. If you dedicate yourself to making it happen, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving from achieving your goal of becoming an MBA holder while working full-time.

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